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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

special entry

ppprrrreeetttt ,,,, 
haha , so the special entry today ? what so special ??? haha ,.. just wanna say that , today is my INDEPENDENT DAY !!

AFTER few weeks struggling ... aigooo ....hahaha ( big liar i am)

ACTLY JUST THIS 2 DAYS ( the meaning of real struggle in my student episode .. haha)

SO .... 

together we pray  " may ALLAH give his bless to me - amin"

1st ... not to boast myself , but i'm still scared even i had my confident , haha ~

with the word  FAILURE ... i experienced it!

BUT ...  never ever get too  __________ =) 

failure is actually the beginning of your success , so back up your life ... 

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