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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Difference between BB Cream Primer , Concealer and Liquid Foundation

BB cream is the shortened form of Blemish Balm Cream , Blemish Base or Beblesh Balm . originally it is the repair cream for damaged skin's protection and treatment after peeling and skin whitening and it can quickly improve skin's problem and make up skin's defect in time .

The question is … is it BB cream good for skin ??!  Yes it is specifically designed for women who have sensitive skin. It was from Korea & it was made specially for women who have actually undergone laser surgeries

In the article that I read said that BB cream is good for your skin ,conceals , moisturizes , sun protecting coz it contained SPF in it(based on product ) , promotes cell regeneration , tighten pores , evens out skin tone and  Its good for people who have acnes but would still want to wear sheer coverage. It helps hide spots at the same time letting the skin wasn’t it become a jackpot for cosmetic industries today ??!! haha …. Another  fact  that I read here said :

cosmetic item sold mainly in East and Southeast Asia.Originally formulated in Germany, it was initially used by dermatologists to help laser surgery patients protect, soothe and refine highly sensitive skin while providing light coverage for post-laser scars, acne and other blemishes.BB creams come in a variety of different formulations. Some are said to have skin whitening or brightening properties, others are anti-acne, some are anti-wrinkle, some are intended to even out skin tone, and yet others to lighten blemish scars. BB creams are sometimes used like a primer under foundation, and if tinted may even replace foundation and some newer ones will have functions of primer, foundation, moisturizer, sun block, pore minimization and skin refining together which can save time and money in make-up.

So… where was this BB cream origin actually ??  naa .. I don’t know either … hence this BB cream product  became  a  hits  when the Korean’s idols kept using it . Let’s talk about the difference between BB cream primer , concealer , and liquid foundation now.

Foundation is a skin coloured cosmetic applied to the face to create an even, uniform colour to the complexion, to cover flaws, and, sometimes, to change the natural skin tone but  It does not improve you skin =)

A primer, on the other hand, is what you use before you apply your foundation as it creates a smooth surface for your foundation to go on top of and it will also make your foundation last much longer . It used to mattify the face, shrink large pores, reduce oil levels and keep your face make up lasting longer. So apply your primer  beneath the foundation..hihi

Whereas concealers is thicker than foundation only need to be applied on blemishes, redness, or undereye circles and that's not for the whole face... 

wahaahaa .. did all of this helped you ? thanks for reading =)

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