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Monday, May 2, 2011

first kiss

Could it be impressive like it is in the movies
The first time my lips meet with hers

I think I might see her again tomorrow
Why is it that my thumping heart feels fit to burst already?

I'm curious whether it'll be like cotton candy,
I close my eyes and imagine it
Could it be that at this very moment,
She's imagining the same thing?

Oh yeah
I think it'll be sweet like candy
I think that somehow, there'll be the scent of acacias as well
Because I might just become drunk from that scent, I'm worried

But what I'm more worried about, though I don't think anyone will believe it,
Is that, to be honest, until now, I have never kissed

Will we turn our heads like they do in the movies
After our lips touch, how will we breathe? this is another worry

About when do we close our eyes, and what do we do with our noses
How long should it be, I have no idea how I'm supposed to know

Oh no
If it's going to be sweet like candy
I'm going to stay in place for a very long time
Even if I become drunk from your lips, I'll spend the night that way

Because you might hate me for being awkward, should I confess beforehand
That to be honest, on the lips, you're my first kiss

After staying up all night with those worries, a long time after,
Suddenly, deep into the night, we secretly touched lips

Oh yeah
Because of that sweetness that was sweeter than lemons
In just that way, I couldn't even budge
As if I had become drunk with happiness, I was frozen

Why is it that she is so awkwardly thankful and relieved?
I'll promise, forever, I'll only kiss you
I'll only kiss you


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