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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Apakah bila dimasukkan tegak, bila dikeluarkan bengk0k?

* * * * *

Harl0w. . .da lame xtatap bl0g ak ni bet0l2. . .slalu sampai tembus screen 2.
.haha. . .susah skang sejak ' baby ' ak 2 masuk center . . . Ni br teringt ak ley berbl0gging dgn tifun ak jep. . .hekhek.

Nak pendek cte, kne p0st ak kali ni tajuk mcm teka - teki ?
Alarh. . . Time k0rang zaman2 sk0la dulu p0wn c0nfirm da biasa an maen teka-teki gini??

Erm. . .actly ntah mcm mana menda alarh ni ley ters0al kpd dak2 ni dari mulut wizard ak ni. . .haha. . .ni 0f c0urse la sbb ak da keb0sanan ngan revisi0n week ni. . .time 2 sbb ak da ngantuk ngat mujur tak hangguk2 , ak p0wn tanya la membe ak si dak mafia ni, #. . . Kebetulan time 2 sume yg ada kat area 2 p0wn bpaling. . .apa lg ,ser0n0k la aku meny0al merek2 ini. . .haha. . .yg xley bla 2 sek0r2 muka jadi merah. . .k0rg rasa knp?? Penat gak ak bg mcm2 hint kat dey'all . . .akhirnya makcik kelingking p0wn selesai. . . .haha,
Tapi an, kalau k0rg hebat la , cuba bgtaw apakah bila masuk tegak keluar tegak rasa puas siap ada bunyi lagi . . . Ni idea si mafia la ni. . .mmg hav0c jap lepas dia tanya 2. . .Hehe. . .selamat mencuba .

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

0h n0! Div0rce ??

Hye every0ne. Its was a l0ng peri0d since i was here.I'm here t0day t0 present s0me discussi0n 0n "what causes div0rce am0ng married c0uples?"

I str0ngly believe that infidelity is the m0st fact0r why c0uples are untying the kn0t. This is bc0z affairs 0ccur in b0th happy and unhappy marriages. Usually b0th sp0uses are resp0nsible f0r the situati0n.

In spite of that, lack of l0ve and attenti0n given t0 sp0uses als0 lead t0 infidelity. S0metimes adultery 0ccurs due t0 addicti0n t0 sex and r0mance. A new relati0nship pr0vides passi0n , excitement, danger, sexual drive, r0mance, and either greater self-esteem or shame.
Furtherm0re, b0red0m is 0ne 0f causes f0r infidelity t0 0ccur am0ng the c0uples. S0me affairs are due t0 man wh0 believe that extra marital relati0nships are s0mething they are entitled t0 by gender. There is little 0r n0 guilt feeling by these husbands and their birth families s0metimes c0nd0ne their behavi0r.

0ther unfaithful sp0ures are driven by mid-life crisis ; f0r instance fear 0f ageing, anger t0ward the sp0use f0r real 0r imagined wr0ngs, b0red0m, 0r disapp0intment in the marriage 0r the pr0blems 0f living. These affairs 0ften happen 0nly if an 0pp0rtunity present itself.

S0metimes, the participants were n0t searching f0r an affair but g0t inv0lved in a friendship at w0rk 0r 0n the internet that turned int0 an affair thad lead t0 infidelity. This type 0f relati0nship includes em0ti0nal ,intimacy, secrecy and lying, sexual feelings and acti0ns. There may be peer pressure t0 participate in this type 0f affair as well.

Even a married partner easily falls in l0ve with s0me0ne 0utside the marriage, either unwittingly 0r as an excuse f0r leaving and this type 0f infidelity causes the m0st destructi0n of marriages.

What we can c0ncluded here, the trend n0wadays seem t0 be different. This is because the traditi0nal view of marriage has er0ded as values have changed. The current generati0n is m0re 0pen t0 the c0ncept 0f div0rce. The sp0uses are m0re c0nsci0us of themselves first in the list of pri0rities.

My english. F0rum, by Elisa.